Eliminate Unwanted Fat

Schedule nonsurgical liposuction in Boise, ID

Get rid of belly fat without invasive surgery with help from Trans4mations at Body Design Center. We use a nonsurgical liposuction treatment called ultrasonic cavitation. This treatment melts fat without causing pain or discomfort. We use high-tech equipment and proven techniques to destroy fat cells.

What is ultrasonic cavitation?

Trans4mations at Body Design Center offers a state-of-the-art weight loss treatment called ultrasonic cavitation, otherwise known as body sculpting.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a thermal ultrasound technique used to:

  • Shrink your belly or waistline
  • Permanent fat loss
  • Smooth out back rolls or love handles

We offer a 6in6 Guarantee. We guarantee you’ll lose six inches in six treatments or you’ll get your money back! We also offer a program of treatments that includes a week’s worth of Wakaya Products.

Free Consultation
$99 INTRODUCTORY PRICE for first treatment.
Still offering 6in6 Guarantee.

$129 regular price per treatment
2 pack -- $230 (115 ea)
4 pack -- $452 (113 ea)
6 pack -- $672 (112 ea)
10 pack -- $1,100 (110 ea)
Up to a $19 savings off each treatment when you buy a package!

All treatments include DETOX/Hydration/Nutrition.
All other products available, can be added to package price if desired.

Our prices are lower substantially lower than the alternative freezing method.

To find out more about ultrasonic cavitation in Boise, ID, call 208-515-7669 today.