Give Your Body the Nutrients It Needs

Become a meal planning pro in Boise, ID

You want nutritional information that is customized to fit your needs and goals. Set realistic expectations with help from Body Design Center. We offer expert nutrition services in Boise, ID to:

1. Enhance your energy level without jitters.

2. Learn about KETO or PROTEIN-BASED nutrition and how it can put you on the road to optimal health.

3. Suppress your appetite with natural ingredients

Our line of nutritional products is called Wakaya Perfection. Wakaya Island is owned by the developer of FIJI water, David Gilmour. Visit our clinic to choose from natural sleep aids, detox, energy supplements, culinary Fijian Pink Ginger and powerful Turmeric, and probiotics from Wakaya.

Fat Loss Perfected with BulaFIT

Bula is the Fijian word for life and good health.The BulaFIT Program™ focuses on high-impact fat loss while preserving muscle mass, by tapping into your body’s natural fat-burning metabolic process called ketosis. Reducing excess fat can provide huge lifestyle benefits like reducing your risk for chronic illnesses while giving you greater confidence and energy!

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